Rough Diamond Jewelry

I took my first jewelry class when I was a young and impressionable 13 year old.  I was immediately hooked.  This obsession with jewelry and discovering my process powered me through high school, keeping me occupied in the school’s studio when I probably should have been home doing homework.  It became the only thing I wanted to do.  What I did not want to do was college.  After dropping out of art school (twice), I decided to try welding school, where I trained in multiple forms of electrical arc welding. 

My artistic endeavors blend my skills in jewelry, ceramics and manufacturing to create distinctive and highly refined works of wearable art.  My process involves several techniques, from tension-set glass and gems, to a technique I developed for setting stone between layers of steel.  Often utilizing remnants from my manufacturing work, my pieces are inspired by art deco, World War II diesel technology,  and clean industrial lines.  I use stainless steel, copper, and hardware to mix with the organic spirals of nature, prime numbers, and the artwork of my cohorts (the hand blown glass marbles featured in my pieces are made by a neighbor, for instance) to create everything from small pendants to magnificent statement pieces.

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Our next show is June 18th and 19th at the Custer Street Fair in Evanston, IL.  Stop by our booth to try on jewelry and speak with the artist!

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