Vic Buell

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Cinematographer. Photographer. Musician. Digital Artist. FAA Certified Drone Pilot. My name is Vic Buell and I’m a multidisciplinary artist. You might say Jack of All Trades; Master of some. For the last 8 years I’ve worked full time as a Director of Photography and Editor on commercial projects ranging from fashion and lifestyle to motor sports, product, and documentary. I’m excited to be here at the House of Rad working on sonic ideas for my band Astral Hand, as well as my personal studio practice. Whether it’s visual or auditory, the focus of my personal studio practice is mood and aesthetics. With a penchant for experimentation and media cross pollination, my goal is to create an aura, broader feeling, or simply something that looks/sounds interesting. Often I’m doing things simply or the sake of doing them without a rhyme or reason, or specific message. I manipulate the process to my liking, and whatever happens just feels right to me in that moment.

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